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Tall Deck Ideas

If you happen to live in a town house or new development you probably have a home with a door that is several stories above ground level.  Having a tall deck with stairs leading to the top would be the perfect space and entrance solution to your new home.  The best tall deck ideas can always use a little inspiration, so here are a few examples of tall decks.

Tall Deck Ideas

As you can see in the picture, this tall deck has stairs with relatively easy access and the deck is suspended above a sunken garage.  In this particular home, the garage leads into a fantastic finished basement.  The deck provides easy back door access to the living area, and also provides ample space for a bbq and chairs.  This tall deck idea is not only appealing, it serves a major access function with the parking and back stairs.

Tall Deck Stairs

Tall deck stairs are generally anchored to the side of a home for more support with massive lag bolts.  This is necessary for lode baring purposes as seen in the picture above.  The lag bolts and pillars provide the needed support for these tall deck stairs.

Tall decks such as the one pictured here are a great addition to any town home or a house with a second story exit door.  Imagine the convenience of having your BBQ right outside your kitchen on a new cedar deck?

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